Programming Best Practices - A Guide for Application Developers

Standardizing a software product is a nightmare of product manager or software leads. When many people are working to build a software application, each developer has its own style to write code or design. Setting a standard to follow across all development modules help minimizing the risk of being diverted from standardize products.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.
--Martin Fowler

A good programmer need not only to write code that computer understands but also humans can read and understand it easily. Here come the great aspect of code readability.

Watch this video to learn more on why do we need certain good practices to follow.

In the next video tutorial, I have discussed some best practices to follow to enhance the readability of your code. Why readability is important and how it affects the maintainability?

Here are few tips to follow which not only helps to increase readability of your code but also to enhance the maintainability of your code.

Since now you know the importance of good design, do you write your code keeping low maintenance in mind for the future of your product? A good programmer should take the aspect of low maintenance cost very seriously. Why do you think it is essential? It is about the value of money your client is putting on your product. Standardization helps a whole team to follow certain standards while designing or writing code which at the end produces a standards software.

Learn more about maintainability in the next video tutorial. Learn about the DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) principal.

Last but not the least, practice makes a programmer perfect. Practice, Practice and Practice should be the only mantra for beginner's.

Wish you Happy Coding!!

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