What programming language should I choose to start with?

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Many freshers or beginners ask question about what is the best programming language to start with? What programming language should I choose if I want to enter the computing world?

Considering availability of hundreds of programming languages in this modern era of computing and few of them are so powerful that literally you don't have to write much code to build an application, it is really hard to find a suitable answer.

Since the question is asked to me, I will try to answer with my opinion. You may or may not differ with my answer but still I will put my opinion here. When I hear the question, The immediate counter question comes to my mind is "What is the purpose of learning a programming language as a beginner?"

Your answer to my question is the answer to your question. If you are interested in developing a mobile app or a website, that's fine, go ahead and learn the respective programming.

But if your answer is to learn the fundamentals of programming language, my suggestion would be to invest your time in "C Programming Language".

Why C?

It's 2015 and C is almost 40+ years old programming language. How does it competes with modern day computing? Is it relevant at all in today's era? The answer is Yes and 100%.

To me, C is not a programming language, it's a concept. Its a concept of programming art which many modern day programming languages followed. Many other concept of programming languages are inspired from C. For an example, take string handling in modern day languages. When you write a simple string program in PHP or JAVA, how many of you really put your thought of how the strings handled within computer?

The ease of use of strings does not let us know that there is a concept of pointers. That's why C is different as it teaches us the fundamentals. Once these concepts are grasped, any other programming languages seems very easy to learn.

You will be amazed to find the following facts about C:

  1. C compiler is written in C.
  2. You can write high level as well as assembly programming in C
  3. All modern data structures are supported by C.

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Books to refer for learning: