Build Alexa Voice Bot with Node.js for Restaurant Reservation Use Case

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"Alexa, I want to make a reservation!"

How many of you are planning to make your hands dirty on the Alexa world? Curious to know how a voice bot can be build using Amazon Alexa and Node.js application? This blog is the right place for you. Let's start.

Part 1:

First you need to identify the use case. Here we are dealing with a voice based restaurant reservation system. When a person says to Alexa that he wants to make a restaurant reservation, basically he is showing the intent to make a reservation. Also the reservation will have few slots like date of reservation, time, city etc. These are called slots. Once you identify the intents and slots for your use case, design the voice bot in Amazon Alexa Skill Kit (ASK) first. In ASK you need to define the intents, utterances, slots.

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