Oracle SQL and PL/SQL: 11g Fundamentals

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Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Programming Language course is most suitable for students or a person who wants to learn about the databases. This course starts from the basics of SQL and then discuss in details about its features and Oracle PL/SQL language.

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Course Topics

Duration: 48 Hours

Go through the course topics to be covered.

Introduction to Oracle SQL 11g Basic Elements of Oracle SQL (Data Types, Literals, Format Models, Database Objects) SQL Statements Basics of Table Introduction to C programming Language

Retrieve data from tables Sorting SQL Joins SQL Subquery SQL Advanced Query

Single-row functions Aggregate functions Grouping Rows

Create Tables Alter Tables Drop Tables Insert Operations Update Operations Delete Operations Commit and Rollback

Block Structure Conditional Logic Loops Cursors Exceptions Procedure and Functions Packages Triggers 11g New features

Introduction Types Get, Retrieve, Populate and Modify collection elements Bulk data handling

Course Objective

Following are the course objectives:

  • Understand fundamentals Structured Query Language (SQL).
  • Understand what is RDBMS and how SQL is essence of it.
  • Ins & Outs of SQL.
  • Understand fundamentals of Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Understand many SQL and PL/SQL features available for writing programming.
  • Last but not the least, to put you in path of becoming a database guru.

Course Prerequisite

You need to know the following before attending the course:

  1. Operate a computer.
  2. Install software in your computer
  3. Basic knowledge of what a computer is.

You need below list of software to develop and compile programs:

  • Install Oracle database 11g XE in your local machine.
  • Install Oracle SQL Developer in your local machine.
  • Click here to watch the Youtube video on installation of Oracle Database 11g XE and how to connect with Oracle SQL Developer tool.

Course Material

We will provide you the below course materials during or after the course:

  • Course Material (.doc) on Oracle SQL: 11g Fundamentals
  • Course Material (.doc) on Oracle PL/SQL: 11g Fundamentals
  • Source Code written in SQL and PL/SQL
  • Assignments and Feedback
  • Learning Videos

Project Hands On

During and at the end of the course we will do below projects:

  • Employee - Department
  • A Order Management Application
  • Use of advanced features

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