Good Programming Practice to Follow

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Programming is not only about learning and writing code, it is an art. It helps you, as a programmer to think differently and build a problem solving attitude within you. A simple program can be written in many ways if given to multiple developers. Login and watch the videos on the course topics tab to complete the course.

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Course Topics

Duration: 1 Hours

Go through the course topics to be covered.

Learn programming best practices. Why follow standards in coding?

Readability is one of the great aspect of coding. Learn how you can enhance your programming skill to make your code readable.

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Know few tips and adopt some good programming style.Watch the YouTube video to know good tips and styles used in programming.

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The buyer of your software product not only looks low cost bust also they look for lower maintenance cost. Learn some basic tips to design your code in effective way for lower maintainability.

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Course Objective

Inform programmers on importance of writing good code following good coding practice. This is free course with four videos. Login and watch the videos to complete the course.

You get to know about

  1. Readibility
  2. DRY Principal
  3. Coding Tips and Styles

Course Prerequisite

Basic knowledge about any programming language.

Course Material

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