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MyOnlineEdu provides online and onsite learning on technologies such as Oracle Application ERP, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, Programming Languages. We are the India's leading learning services and professional development solutions provider. We deliver learning solutions to support customers as they adapt to key business transformations and technological advancements that drive the way that organizations around the world differentiate themselves and thrive. Our learning programs, whether designed for a global organization or an individual professional, help businesses close skills gaps and foster an environment of continuous talent development.

Multiple learning options helps you to join an online session based on your need and convenience.

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The MyOnlineEdu Advantage

Free Class

Free Demo Class

The learner can request a free demo class with live instructor to know how good we are before he/she pay for full course. These classes are normally 1 hours of duration and teaches the basic about the course.

Expert Instructor

Expert Instructors

All our courses are led by professional Subject Matter Experts (SME). They have many years of experience in the respective domain and teaching. We call them mentors as they not only teach but also mentor you for your success.

Travel Free Learning

Travel Free & Hassle Free Learning

No more getting ready and travel for learning. Our live instructor led online classes can be attended from anywhere. Be at your home, work, friend's home. You can join the online classes by a decent internet connection. Be in a relaxing environment as you want.

Multi Learning Option

Multi Learning options

You may choose to attend a session from our array of learning options like private learning, group learning, hourly learning, public class and free demo class. Our multi learning facility gives the learner flexibility to choose an option based on his/her need.

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Live Projects

Depending on the nature of the course, we conduct live projects for the course. A student not only gain the knowledge but also puts hands on the project and be more confident about the subject.

How It Works For Students

Signup with you email address and find the course you are interested in. Enroll into the session or you can self schedule a session. Attend the session on time.


Signup with your name, email, phone and password. registration is free and no credit card required. Verify your mobile number.

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search course

Search & Enroll

Search your favourite course from our course library. You can enroll into a class which is already scheduled or you may schedule a class choosing your learning option.

Attend Online Class

You will receive and email from our support team with details of the course session. the email will state how to join the online class. Follow the instruction and join the class on time.

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Multiple Learning Options

Free Demo Class

Free Demo Class

The learner can request a free demo class with live instructor before enrolling for a paid course. The free demo class takes the learner to a comfort level with MyOnlineEdu's services. The free demo class duration is normally between 30mins to 1hr.

Also MyOnlineEdu schedules free webiner regularly to keep our students updated with latest technology trends. Students can enroll into the free sessions based on availability at free of cost.

Private Learning

Private Learning

In this option the student is the sole participant in the class. As the name suggests, there are no other students allowed to join the session. The sole learner schedules the session as per his/her conveinient time and gets complete devoted time from the instructor for learning and clarifying doubt.

Group Learning

Group Learning

This option is economical than private learning option. If you have a group of 3-5 friends or colleagues or class mates, you can schedule a group learning session based on your convenient date and time. You will be more comfortable learning in group with known persons.

Hourly Learning

Hourly Learning

Do you have some doubt to clarify quickly? or is it difficult to undertstand a particular topic of a course? A student can schedule a session for few hours (minimum 4 hours booking required) instead of attending a complete course to clarify his/her doubts for a particular topic of a course.

For example, a student can schedule hourly session if he/she finds it difficult to understand the concept of pointers and recursion of C programming. Or may be to understand the security principal of web applications.

Public Scheduled Class

Public Scheduled Class

This type of class are scheduled by MyOnlineEdu.com's instructors based on their convenient date and time. You can enroll into the session and make payment accordingly. After your enrollment is approved, you join the session using a decent internet connection and a headset with micrphone.