Recommended Professional Courses

  • ERP for Professionals

    Our professional course offering includes Oracle Application (eBS), SAP etc and are best for organizations or professionals.
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  • Database Management

    Develop & Manage world's widely used Oracle database and move forwad in your career.
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  • Web & Apps Development

    Make internet your pet. Learn PHP, ASP,, HTML, JQuery, Anriod & iOS Apps development from us to be the hot selling developer.
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Recommended Student Courses

  • Programming Languages

    Our programming language course offering includes C, C++, JAVA, PL/SQL, PHP, HTML and many and are best for students or individuals.
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  • IT Courses

    IT students have great oppertunity to learn Data Structure, Operating System, Algorithm etc. which help them in their exams.
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  • School Subjects

    We offer Mathematics, Science in private online learning and this course is offered based on India and US school's curricullam.
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Professional Courses

  • Enterprise Resourse Planning (ERP) is used by all big companies in today's world. Be it is a manufacturing company, financial institution or CRM based organization, they all use ERP. We offer these professional courses which are conducted by Subject Matter Expert professionals for the respective domain.
  • Course Features

    • Practice instance is provided for your hands on.
    • In & Out learning of the course.
    • Both technical and functional learning available.
    • Professinal training and real business scenarios are covered as hands on project and assignment.

Programming Languages

  • Programming languages are steps to the world of computing. We at MyOnlineEdu offer various programming langaues for learning. Be it C, C++, JAVA or modern langauges like .net, PHP, Ruby, Pyhton, Ajax, jQuery etc. our mentoring will ensure you become the Guru by understaing fundamentals.
  • Course Features

    • Plenty of examples, exercise, assignments for each courses.
    • Hand on projects similar to professional world.
    • Off hours mentoring and assignment check facility.
    • Free live courses avaialble for your decision to choose us.

IT Courses

  • Our offering in IT courses benefits students persuing an Computer/IT engineer career. Are you finding difficulties to understand the fundamentals of Data Structure, Networking, Operating Systems, Algorithm, Database Management? No worries, we are here to help you. Our Subject Matter Experts will guide you, mentor you to understand the subjects in fundamental and help you in exams.
  • Course Features

    • Colleage like learning with professinal blend of teaching.
    • Understanding the fundamentals of each subject.
    • Off hours mentoring and assignment check facility.
    • Exercise, Assignment to help you in colleage/university exams.

School Subjects

  • Do you find it difficult to digest the fundamentals of Math, Science? No worries. MyOnlineEdu can help you to overcome your problem as our professional mentor team helps students to understand each subject fundamentally and help in their exams. We offer school subjects based on India and US school curricullam.
  • Course Features

    • School subjects link Math, Science, English based on country or school board curricullam.
    • We teach India and US school subject topics.
    • Off hours mentoring and assignment check facility.
    • Exercise, Assignment and Assessment to help you in school exams.